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Sravana Sangeetha Lahari 2011

Sravana Sangeetha Lahari 2011

Srirama Nama Mahima

The month of Sravana has its own significance. This month brings out a festive mood among the people and promotes spirituality. Moreover it bestows seeds of health, wealth and contentment.

Sravana Sangeetha Lahari was organized by Bhavan's Tirupati Kendra on 20th August, 2011 in the school auditorium, with the objective of inculcating awareness among the younger generation about our rich cultural heritage through the medium of fine arts.

The programme began with the Vice Principal's brief introduction to the Cultural fest and welcoming the Guest on to the dais. Dr.N.Satyanarayana Raju, Hony.Director & Treasurer, introduced the Chief Guest Dr.Prapancham Sitaram, a renowned Maestro of Flute to the audience. In his address, he recalled that renowned people like Padmavibhushan Dr.Mangalampalli Balamurali Kishna visited the campus to bless the students. This year an eminent, versatile multi faceted Prof and Flute Maestro Dr.Prapancham Sitaram who has held many important posts in his service graced the occasion. He also introduced the Guest of Honour Sri Ch. Penchal Reddy, Vice Chairman, TUDA as an able administrator and a friendly person. In his speech he reminded that people need to live with good qualities and that man's life is not merely fulfilling the days duties but learning the Vedas and Indian Culture.

Sri P.V.Krishna Reddy, Executive Vice Chairman, Bhavan's Tirupati Kendra, presided over the function. In his presidential address he expressed that such spiritually based programmes not only show case the students talents but also the aspects of human excellence in all fields. Smt.B.Vengamma, Director, SVIMS, Prof.P.Sudhakar Reddy, Secretary, Bhavan's Tirupati Kendra and other committee members graced the occasion. The Chief Guest inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp.

Dr.Prapancham Sitaram was felicitated by Sri Ch.Penchal Reddy, Vice Chairman, TUDA, and the Bhavan's Executive Committee members in the midst of vedic chanting. The Chief Guest in his speech, mentioned that Indian Culture is unparallel to any other. He stated that Music is not only a divine language but also the universal language of mankind. He expressed that without Bhakthi there is no music and that the music is like nector which we offer to God. He brought out the significance of the Flute and advised the students to inculcate the quality of being selfless and do service without expecting any reward like the "flute". He allured the audience with his melodious recital.

On the occasion, the Guest of Honour Sri Ch.Penchal Reddy, Vice Chairman, TUDA, asserted that it is his privilege to be a part of this programme. He mentioned that it was great co-incidence that Dr.Prapacham Sitaram, renowened Maestro of Flute has graced the occasion on the eve of "Sri Krishna Janmastami". The formal function concluded with the Vote of Thanks by the Principal i/c.

The much awaited entertainment programme began with an invocation to Lord Ganesha. Nearly 250 students participated in the cultural programme onl the theme Srirama Nama Mahima. As a tribute to Indian Classical Dance and Music the students gave an enthralling performance, bringing out the significance of the incantation of "Srirama Nama" that left the audience spell bound. The students presented melodious songs composed by the great musicians like saint Thayagaraja, Bhaktha Ramadasa, Meerabai, etc.

The day's programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by school Cultural Secretary Master Mohit of Class X.