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Sravana Sangeetha Lahari 2007

Sravana Sangeetha Lahari 2007

Dance on the Rainbow - preached to inculcate cetain values like flexibity,purity of thought & unity

The month of Sravana has its own significance.This month brings about a festive mood among the people. Along with a festive mood it also enhances devotion towards god. As stated by our learned people,melodious music is the only way of understanding the four human values virtous,conduct,material welfare,worldly pleasure and salvation.Thus,sangeetha in sravana a month during monsson bestown seeds for wealthy and health to contenment of people.

The object of the programme is to inculcate awareness among the younger generation about our rich culture and hertiage through the medium of fine arts. The programme began with the welcome speech by Sri Sudharkar Reddy,he welcome the dignitaries to the dias.Sri N.satyanarayana raju Hony. Director and Treasurer of the Bhavan's presided over the function. The other committee members grace the occasion.

Sri.N.Srikanth joint Executive Officer of TTD and Sri O.V.Ramana, the Board Member of TTD inaugurated the event.Dr.N.satyanarayana Raju in his speech emphasized that music is apart of our indian culture. He also said that the three major events of this year are "Vasantha Pravachanamurtham" in the month March/April,"Sravana Sangeeta Lahari"-a music concert in the month of sravana "Kartheeka Gnanamurtham "during montgh of karthika- November.

Sri.N.Srikanth appreciated the efforts of the institution for provinding alot of scope for promoting cultural values.He also said that our indian culture and values have rich heritage when compared to western countries.Smt.Gurulakshmi an eminent music maestro and Retd. Music teacher from kendriya vidyalaya was feliciated on the same occasion.

THe much awaited entertainment programme began with a rainbow dance(Hari-Villu).The dance presented by the tinytoys proved the face that nature is one of the best teachers.Through their dance on the Rainbow,they preached to inculcate cetain values like flexibity,purity of thought and unity, which is the dire need of the present day.The students rendered melodious composition of great musicians like Sri.Thyagaraja,Sri.Annamayya,Bhakta Ramdasu and allured the audience.A 45 minutes balled-Dasavathram,was presented by the children both in classical and folk style.The spell bound performance of the participants mesmarised the viwers