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Touching the Soul of India

The Bhavan's Book University, Kulapati Munshi's most luminous brain child, is sixty-one yars old. It is the most important constituent of the 486 institutions in the world bearing the name of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. It is a university with no paid teachers and paying students; yet, it draws the wisdom of countless teachers from the scriptural ages to the present and passes it on to millions of students. It has brought into book from all that is best about India, old and new; about its culture, art, history and legend, myth, epic and the literature of most Indian languages.

The Bhavan's Book University has so far published over 2,000 titles all intended to promote education, art, culture and ethics. It sprimary aim is to publish books and periodicals whiich provide modern knowledge, inculcate boys and girls and help release their creative energiesin constructive and meaningful ways.

Satrted in 1951, Bhavan's Book University has grown from strength to strength. Bhavan publications have received wide welcome both in India and abroad and the sales have now crossed over thirty-two million copies.

When the sales touched the one-lakh mark in 1957, C Rajagopalachari(Rajaji) said: "The Bhavan's books and periodicals devoid of sex, smut, sensationalism, crime and gossip are selling so well is proof positive that the soul of India is till sound." Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said: "Bhavan has made publication history in India and prediced that the Bhavan will herald a much needed Book Revolution".


Interested persons can buy the books from Bhavan Tirupati Kendra's Sales Representative Mr Y Parthasaradhi. He can be contacted at +919052777726

Book University Catalogue

Book University Catalogue

Book University Catalogue